With some of the best wind in North America, taking lessons with Kiteboarding School Squamish is the way to go. The thermal winds that blow into the Howe Sound are not only predictable but also extremely consistent, strong and long lasting. Kiteboarding School Squamish runs from April to October every summer introducing all types of people to the wonderful sport of Kiteboarding. Starting lessons as early at 10am in peak season and running until 8-9pm allows for ample opportunity to fit kiteboarding in around any schedule. People travel from far and wide to enjoy these beautiful conditions as well as all the high end amenities that Kiteboarding School Squamish has to offer. With a shop located on site, students arrive at their own leisure, get suited up and relax out of the wind and in the sun on our beautiful porch, picnic tables and hammock. When the lesson is set to start, students walk down to their boat and enjoy a beautiful boat ride through the blind channel of the Squamish Howe Sound having unique opportunities to enjoy the scenery and wildlife right from the water. All Kiteboarding School Squamish lessons run entirely from the open deep waters providing the opportunity to each student to enjoy the safety of open waters to work on developing their kiteboarding skills. Once finished, students return to our relaxing shop and enjoy hot showers, Jacuzzi tub, full bathroom and full time staff to answer any and all questions. 

Kiteboarding School Squamish offers lessons for all types and ages including as young as 7 years old to 80 years young. The school’s experienced instructors are able to adapt all lessons to best accommodate their student’s needs and progression. With Kiteboarding School Squamish everyone is able to succeed. With Kids and Youth camps running yearly children are also able to learn together with others of their own age range providing a unique opportunity for kiteboarding to be introduced to the next generation. 

Along with the youth camps, Kiteboarding School Squamish also offers a variety of advanced lessons to help kiters further their skills. Has learning to ride a surf board ever interest you? Our surf specialist will get you up and riding, duck tacking and doing swooping toe side turns in no time. We also have Foil specialists that can get you gliding across choppy waters and learning to transition and multiple different ways. Tricks can also be learned much faster with a pro rider’s eye telling you what needs to be done to get higher, turn faster or finally get that bar passed around. Kiteboarding School Squamish’s staff is happy to help with anything you need from answering questions about the area, getting up and riding to doing some of the highest level tricks out there.


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